JFood - Mission

We just love Japanese food!


We would like to share our fascination with most you. Sushi is such a small part of the varied Japanese cuisein. We hope that with this page we can make a little contribution to awakening your curiosity about Japanese dishes (and get you to try something new beyond sushi).


By the way: the translation for the following manga is just below.

10. April, Bellinzona,   Japan Matsuri,   Manga drawn by Mari Mari Chan

Picture 1

Jenny: Jennifer, are you hungry.?

Jennifer:  Hm... what should we eat? We have to decide...


Picture 2

Jenny: I absolutely want Okonomiyaki! From Hiroshima!

Jennifer:  What are you saying? I want Sukiyaki! Even if it gets a little expensive...


Picture 3

Both: Well, then lets eat both. After all we are two pigheads...

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