Edomae - Omakase Experience

Zurich,  30th of April 2019


An Omakase (お任せ) menu is a unique experience: it is up to the restaurant's chef to chose the dishes, which will then be prepared in small installments in front of the guests and served one by one. For those who have seen the movie "Jiro dreams of sushi" know what we're talking about. The Edomae has taken its place on the Talstrasse a little more than a year ago, and offers during the week, between 6pm and 8pm the possibility to experience such a menu. We reserved well in advance one of the 8 seats available and couldn't wait to take our seats in front of the chef for this unique experience in Zurich. 


We begin the evening with a drink: Umeshu on the rocks and a "Sakura" (Ryokan Sake / MIKKS cherry blossoms / Shiso). This is served in the restaurant's main hall. We then are asked to take our seats at the long table-bar behind the curtain. After a short introduction from the chef and of the Omakase-concept, we are greeted with a total of 12 dishes + desert. This was our menu for the evening: 

  • Spinach with sea bass marinated in sesame sauce 
  • Grilled Red Snapper with Jerusalem artichoke NANBANZUKE (南蛮漬け japanese fish dish, in which the fish is grilled with marinated vinegar and other ingredients) 
  • Kingfish with pickled Bärlauch 
  • Marinated Mackerel with chives, ginger and caviar lime
  • Tuna with KOJI-pickled yam (Koji ist a type of fungi, that is used in the making of soy sauce)
  • Soup: shrimps with bamboo and yams in a cherry leaf
  • Flambéed scallops (with special effect!)
  • Shrimps with yuzu-pickled radish as well as miso-pickled asparagus
  • Bluefin tuna belly with freshly grates wasabi
  • Slow cooked spear squid MATSUKASA style (a special way of cutting the squid)
  • Swiss entrecote - japanisches roastbeef GINJO MISO sauce
  • Hosomaki (thin sushi roll) with wasabi - Tear Drop Roll
  • Dessert: Matcha cake with sakura cream

Taste test

The pictures are already a testament to the chef all to themselves: here your taste buds are front and center - not only when it comes to how fresh the ingredients are but also when it comes to creativity within the dishes. All the guest s will probably each have their personal favourite. One might find the marinated mackerel with its sour lime note the most remarkable dish, whereas the next might enjoy the very impressive flambéed scallops, with a third wishing he or she could have a couple more of the melting roast beef tidbits. The full experience is just amazing!


Thanks to a rotating seasonal menu you can rediscover the Omakase experience at Edomae every time you visit. The friendly staff and the intimate setting with only 8 seats (at the end of the dinner we knew all the other guests) makes this not only an amazing dinner experience but also a place to make new acquaintances. For those who don't mind paying +/-  150 CHF for a unique Japanese culinary evening, will probably find kindred souls around the Edomae table. In short: we believe Edomae is the best place in Zurich for an authentic Japanese culinary experience. We already look forward to the next culinary discovery as well as the personal encounters around the Edomae table. 


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