Zurich, 4th of  July 2017



We have something to celebrate - so we are going out in style! Time to visit the Restaurant Ginger in Seefeld. Between the choice of à la Carte or sushi train, we decided to go for the latter - the passing dishes looked just too tempting. 


We decided on the following selection from the specialities menu and from the tempting plates passing by our seats:

  • Lobster salad with oranges
  • Tuna Tataki with white sesame sauce
  • Rainbowroll (Avocado and salmon)
  • California Roll (Crab, red caviar)
  • Beef Tataki
  • Tempura-Rolls with tuna

The moment we sit down we are offered a small degustation glass of sake and decide to order a glass of umeshu for dinner. 

Taste test 

From a flavour point of view, this dinner was definitely an adventure : especially the lobster with oranges and the freshly fried, and still warm, tempura rolls peaked our taste buds. On top of that the sesame sauce that accompanied the tuna tataki was a dream. The rainbow and California rolls were good, but unfortunately nothing earth shattering. However, watching the sushi chef at work was a spectacle in itself. 




Visiting Ginger is not something you do every day, and that is good news for your wallet as well. For our 7 plates (which were differentiated through small fishes on the plates determining the plate's price) and drinks we paid all in all CHF 200.- which is slightly too expensive for our taste. However, the atmosphere and the friendly service made up for the high price tag. We look forward to our next visit - maybe this time we will try the à la Carte menu. 


  • Restaurant Ginger, Seefeldstrasse 62, 8008 Zürich,

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