Zurich, 30th November 2015



Previously know under the name of „Ooki“ („big“ in Japanese), the restaurant was renamed „Ikoo“ („Let’s go“ in Japanese) a while ago; some might notice that it’s Ooki backwards.  It is the older brother of „Miki’s“ Ramen restaurant. The small local with its large window front, which can seat around 24 people, offers a nice array of starters, as well as 7 types of Ramen, fried noodles („Yaki Soba“), vegetarian curry followed by 3 fish and meat dishes, some which are not offered at „Miki’s“.

The atmosphere is quiet, with a simple but stylish decor. The Japanese (children’s) books scattered along the windowsills invite the guest to dive into the Japanese culture.

A refreshing glass of Sapporo.



That evening we were quite famished, so we decided on the following dishes:



  • Hyayakko (cold Tofu with Bonito flakes, fresh ginger and Japanese spring onion.   
  • Gyoza (japanese dumplings – filled with meat, but can also contain vegetables or tofu)

Main course

  •   Shoyu Ramen (clear broth with soya sauce)
  • Miso Ramen (broth with fermented miso – a type of bean paste)


Of course our (favorite?) Japanese beer, Sapporo, rounded the whole meal off.    

Taste Test

The cool tofu instantly brings back memories of Japan – the bonito and  spring onion are fresh and the pleasant consistency will also seduce any meat aficionados. The gyoza are particularly well made: with the bottom part slightly seared (for us it could have been seared a little more) and steamed at the top. The hearty Shoyu Ramen keeps it’s promise and is tasty and filling. The Miso Ramen seems to have had its recipe updated – in our opinion through the addition of butter – and tastes just as good.


From top left to bottom right: Miso Ramen, Takoyaki with Bonito flakes, Shoyu Ramen.

Hyayakko, Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen.



The blend of cold beers and savoury Japanese comfort food, as well as its location close to Stauffacher, make this an ideal place to meet a friend for a quick after work catch-up session.



Ikoo Japanese Noodle Soups, Bäckerstrasse 39, 8004 Zürich, www.ikoo.ch

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