Zurich, 25th September 2015

Restaurant Kokoro from the outside.



You wouldn’t think there was any restaurant in this street: many people will probably make their way tot he restaurant from the Langstrasse – one oft he ore quirky but most likely not the prettiest street of Zurich.


However, just a few meters away from Langstrasse you will discover a small bubble of Japanese delicacies – even with a terrace. Once inside you discover probably the only restaurant in Zurich with a typical Izakaya lair (casual after-work bar). Moreover, most of the clientele seem to speak Japanese – which probably isn’t a coincidence.




Kokoro („heart“ in Japanese) astonishes with a diverse menu  and with continually changing fish and meat specialities in the evenings. These specialities (which can be found on their Facebook page) are beautifully presented and seem to flow from the chef’s imagination straight onto the plate. Tonight however, we decided to try from their main menu. From the variety of sushi, stews, meat and fish varieties we chose the following:



  • Spicy Edamame

Main course

  • Sushi Moriawase (a selection of sushi)
  • Yakiniku ( seared strips of beef medium-rare) with a selection of sauces

 A Kirin beer and Umeshu (japanese Plumwine) round off the meal.

Taste test


The Yakiniku was incredible. The large portion was filling and the sauces really completed the dish. Unfortunately, the meat was already prepared and not, as usual, served raw or marinated and prepared by the guest on a small table-sized charcoal grill.   

The spicy Edamame were a welcome and tasty alternative to the usual salty appetizer. Only the sushi didn’t manage to impress us – others have done better. 




Kokoro’s menu offers an unbeatable originality of dishes and ist he perfect place for those interested in going off the beaten path and try a broader range of Japanese dishes. You probably won’t find a better place for an after-work / pay day dinner with an authentic Japanese feel to it – an it’s not that tough on the wallet either. 




Restaurant Kokoro - japanische Spezialitäten, Neufrankengasse 25, 8004 Zürich, www.facebook.com/kokoro3737

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