Maki Haus

Zurich, 24th February 2017



This year, Zurich has seen yet another new Japanese restaurant open up its doors. Conveniently located near "Central", and with its cosy atmosphere, Maki Haus is the ideal place to start off your week-end.  Even though we noticed some mishaps, probably due to its novelty, we believe the local has a lot of potential.


From the menu (a quarter of which consisted of warm, a quarter of cold and the rest of sushi dishes) we decided to order the following: 

  • Miso-Soup
  • Home-Made Gyoza (jap. Ravioli)
  • Yamakage; Rice bowl topped with a choice of either tuna or salmon and a poached egg
  • Tsukedon; Rice bock with a mix of fish and algae marinated in Hichimi sauce (spicy)
  • Rainbowroll, 4 pieces

To round off the meal, we had a small glass of sake (on the house) as well as a bottle of Sapporo beer. Our favourite drink, Umeshu (plum wine) was only available as a whole bottle. 


Taste test

Heureka! We finally found our favourite Gyoza. The home made dumplings were fresh and the ratio of crisp fried part and steamed part was almost perfect. Also the warm miso soup won us over. Unfortunately, for our main dishes, the Yamakage and the Tsukedon, there was no more sushi rice left. However, they both still tasted very good: just as Japanese comfort food should. The rainbowroll was the only one who didn't live up to its name and did not show the characteristic show of colours and ingredients one would expect. As described in the menu, it was made up of salmon and avocado.




It struck us that we had never eaten at a Japanese restaurant in Zurich for such an affordable price. Even though the service was quite slow and a few guests moved from the window seats (was quite chilli), we would visit the Maki Haus again. The central location and the value for money make it quite tempting! Reservations are necessary on a Friday evening as even a few weeks after it opened, the small local was already full. 


  • Maki Haus, Stampfenbachstrasse 12, 8001 Zürich,

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