Makoto Sushi

Adliswil, 10th of september 2016


Some say you do not just stumble upon a good restaurant, you need to know where to look. We would not want to judge if this is true in all cases, however, it does fit "Makoto Sushi" to the T. No other reason would have brought us to the industrial part of Adliswil on a Saturday evening. You can easily reach the restaurant with public transport: S4, Sood-Oberleimbach. However, we can also recommend the car. Arriving at our destination, we were quite surprised to find such a busy and cosy restaurant, in this somewhat desolate area. 



To start the evening we treated ourselves to a couple of drinks: 

  • Umeshu
  • Makoto Cocktail (with the home brewed Makoto-T, with or without Shochu, lemon balm, ginger and lime)

For the main course we chose from the varied sushi menu (from the left on the image below) :

  • Hoso Maki: Salmon Avocado
  • Ura Maki: Spicy Tuna Rainbow Roll, with tuna, salmon, avocado and kingfish
  • Ura Maki: Wasabi Cream Roll with salmon, avocado, crab and wasabi cream 
  • Special Role: Beef Tataki 
  • Fried Ura Maki (warm): Grilled Tuna Crunch with grilled tuna, kimchi and teriyaki sauce
  • Gunkan Sushi: Spicy scallops (in the background)
  • Inari: Tofu 

For Sukiyaki lovers out there, the restaurant offers this dish only with reservation a day in advance. 

sushi platter with a variety of Ura Maki, Inari Sushi and Rolls.

Taste test


The drinks, especially on the base of the home made Makoto-T, were fresh and perfect for summer. 


The à la carte sushi platter took a while to reach our table, however it was worth the wait: every single sushi creation was fresh and was a taste sensation of its own. Especially the Beef Tataki Rolls. Even though on the more pricey side,  they should not be left out of any order. The fried Ura Maki Rolls had a very light and tasty crust. 



For those who feel like treating themselves to fresh and original sushi creations, Makoto Sushi is the right place for them. The uncomplicated but still quite elegant atmosphere makes Makoto a great place for dates, evenings out with the family or just a friendly get together and the obliging service made you feel right at home. We will definitely visit the restaurant again - as we feel like we've only scratched the surface of their varied sushi menu.



  • Makoto Sushi, Soodring 34, 8134 Adliswil,

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