Minine Sushi Restaurant

Zurich, 7th of March 2019


With the weather turning cold again and after late nights at work, we decided it was time for some serious comfort food. So we set our sites on Minine, whose menu boasts a large selection of "Donburi" dishes and is located near the Art Museum. What are "Donburi" you ask? ,

literally meaning "bowl", is a Japanese dish consisting of either meat, fish or vegetables served over rice in an oversized bowl. Decidedly hungry, we seek out the small local with a family vibe.



As the set menus comprised a multitude of dishes, we went straight for the main course, skipping the starters :

  • Unadon Combo -  grilled Unagi (eel*) over rice,  accompanied by leek, div. tempura & miso soup
  • Katsudon Combo Chicken -  lightly breaded and crunchy chicken strips with home-made tonkatsu sauce, coleslaw, 4 rolls and miso soup

*If you've never tasted eel, it is definitely worth a try. It's a very popular dish in Japan - and rumoured to be the first type of  Donburi dish established in the late Edo period. 

Taste test



 The Donburi were filling and tasted as they should - with the chicken crisp and eel well grilled and slightly glazed. The pickled vegetables accompanied the dishes very well. Unfortunately, the miso soup and the sushi, which were a touch dry, fell short. However, the tempura was pleasantly light and crisp. 



The portions are big - which also explains the at first seemingly hefty price tag. If you're looking for researched flavour combinations, we can recommend other locations. Donburi is a hearty meal, perfect for after a long day at work, and this is exactly what you get at Minine. We enjoyed our meal and the family friendly environment. It's a small local but you can feel a lot of heart has been put into it. 



  • Minine, Zeltweg 12, 8032 Zürich,

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