Negishi Sushi Bar

Zurich,  19th March 2016


Spring has been in full bloom this last week-end: sunshine, perfect temperatures to take a walk around town and happy people everywhere. As we suddenly started feel in slightly peckish on our stroll around the city, we found the centrally located Negishi in Niederdorf to be the perfect stop for a quick lunch. With 8 restaurants it  is the largest sushi chain in Switzerland, and we had to give it a try. 



On this spring afternoon, we set our sights on a light menu:



  • Tuna Tataki

Main course

  • Rainbowroll with salmon and mango
  • Nigiri: Squid  (Tako), Eel (Unagi) Avocado and Eggs (Tamago)

With a mineral water to quench the thirst.


Taste Test

Our trip to the Niederdorf restaurant was definitely not a culinary highlight. The Tataki was served with a mountain of ginger, which begs the question: why? Ginger is meant as a taste neutraliser, and is used between different sushi or nigiri, for example, to differentiate the tastes. With the same tataki pieces it seems a little pointless. The spicy sauce was way too dominating and seemed to be there to hide the somewhat fibrous consistency of the tuna. 


The sushi were of varying quality: the eel and the avocado nigiri were quite good, the egg nigiri was too salty and the squid nigiri was sadly dry and the consistency wasn't up to standard. Especially the rainbowroll, you noticed it was meant to keep you filled up; the rice, which was well used in the other dishes, was quite heavy.



In Negishi you will definetely rind your fill, and that quite quickly. The service is friendly and quick. However, if you're looking for Japanese culinary talents, we would suggest another local restaurant. 


  • Negishi Sushi Bar, Nägelihof 1, 8001 Zürich,
  • Negishi Sushi Bar, Badenerstrasse 97, 8004 Zürich,

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