Zurich, 1st December 2016



Zurich during the festive season: it is cold and one longs for the warm comfort of Izakaya food. The newly opened "Ooki" near Bäckeranlage is just what we needed. The menu promises all that the stressed out Salarymen (in our case Salarywomen) need after a long and cold day: Noodle soups, comfort food, salty snacks and a nice choice of alcoholic beverages. Differently from such establishments in Japan, you shouldn't come here without a reservation - one week before our dinner, the place was already booked out during the usual dinner time. 



As starters we chose our favourites: 

  • Gyoza (half with vegetables, the other with meat)
  • vegetarian Tempura (containing Okra and pumpkin)

The main course consisted of

  • Biifu-Karee ("Beef-Curry")
  • Katsudon (breaded pork cutlet cabbage and rice with a Tonkatsu-Sauce, left in the image)

So that we would not forget the cold completely our dessert was a

  • scoop of matcha ice-cream 

We round the meal off with some Shiso-Umeshu (plum wine) and some Sapporo beer.

Taste test

The tempura was excellent. The breading was light and crunchy, just as we remember it from Japan. The Gyozas were as hoped, steamed on one side and lightly fried on the other. However, they were slightly too oily for our taste. 

The main courses unfortunately couldn't completely convince us. The taste was up to standard and expectation, however the kitchen team missed twice when it came to the temperature of the dish: The cutlet (Katsudon) was too hot, while the curry arrived lukewarm at best. The matcha ice-cream made for a conciliatory ending to the meal. 




On account of the varied menu, we will most likely be visiting Ooki again. Even though we agree that Loki has potential, it is, at this time, not our favourite Izakaya in Zurich. The service and the kitchen are still slightly better in some other places. Nevertheless, we felt like the quality of the food was solid and the atmosphere incl. decoration and cutlery were authentic, meaning we will gladly come again.


  • Ooki, Zentralstrasse 53, 8003 Zürich, http://www.ooki.tokyo

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