Zurich,  14th November 2015



The Samurai opens at 6.30 pm on Saturdays. We entered the small restaurant a few seconds later and managed to land the last unreserved table; at least for a couple of hours.

A little later a couple arrived with the same idea, then a group and finally a third couple. All had to leave the restaurant unsuccessfully trying to get a last minute table. We do recommend you call ahead.

Chicken filled Gyoza.



The Samurai’s colourful menu, full of pictures, offers maybe one of the most varied Japanese menu items in Zurich. Next to the extensive sushi offer and noodle dishes, you can also order Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette / pancake) and Eel – not as frequent on menus in restaurants as it should.   



  • Chicken Gyoza
  • Takoyaki (octopus snack) with Takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcester-Sauce) and bonito flakes

Main course

  • Rainbow Roll
  • Samurai-Bento

After a filling meal nothing better than a teapot Jasmintea. 


Right: Gyoza

Taste test


Unbelievable that even at 9000 km to the west of Japan, Takoyaki can taste just as it would in its home country (including burning your tongue on them). The gyoza are nicely seared at the bottom and taste terrific.

The sushi are for Swiss standards very good and taste fresh. The Bento options allow the guest to try a variety of different Japanese dish


From top left to bottom right: Takoyaki, Bento Box Samurai, Rainbow Roll, Jasmin Tea



The service was particularly friendly – we have never been asked to leave a restaurant (the table was reserved) in such a nice manner. The variety of the menu also entice the guest to keep coming back to try the rest of the items – of course with a quick call on beforehand to reserve a table. 




Japanisches Restaurant Samurai, Kanzleistrasse 15, 8004 Zürich,

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