Sora Sushi

Zurich, 25th of september 2016


Central, even more centrally than that, you will find Sora Sushi. The words "Zurich main station" might conjure up an image of a bustling whirlwind of people rushing to their next appointment, however this restaurant resembles an oasis of calm facing platforms 4 and 5. 

Surprisingly, the restaurant can bolster quite a lot of space: the high ceilings give off an air of an atrium, and there is room between the tables. Sora Sushi's two main halls are divided into a "Running sushi" (Kaiten-Zushi) and an à la carte section. When the weather is fine, one can also enjoy a meal on their terrace. 

Summer having left it's place to autumn we decided to dine inside and to try out their à la carte menu.




The cocktail menu being very seducing we decide on the following:

  • Umeshu (left)
  • Bubbly Berries (Prosecco, fresh berries, elder-flower syrup)

As our main course we decide on:

  • Black Sora Sushi  (14 pieces: flambé salmon nigiri, tuna tataki, tuna and salmon nigiri, painted mackerel and shrimp nigiri, alaskan crap uramaki, chili tuna and salmon uramaki)
  • Scallop sashimi
  • As well as a Carlifornia Roll (4 pieces)

Taste test

Sora Sushi being associated with the legendary Sala of Tokyo, we were expecting the one or the other taste experience. Except for the excellent flambé salmon nigiri and the cocktails, there was not much there. Those who order scallop sashimi in a land-locked country such as Switzerland, should not be surprised if they need a little tabasco sauce to pep the whole thing up a little. However, we were expecting a little more from the sushi selection. The rice was a little to coarse for our taste, and we could not make out  the rice vinegar, which usually gives the rice its slight acidity. We even had to leave some of the salmon tataki on our plate due to lack of freshness. 




Sora Sushi provides solid japanese food in a very special atmosphere - also available as take-away. We would recommend it as an after-work location with its clean and friendly atmosphere in the so called "garden area" where one can order à la carte. The selection of drinks such as sake, shochu, japanese whisky as well as teas, make this restaurant the perfect place to meet up before going to the next appointment. However, for those looking for culinary glamour or authenticity, we can recommend a few other places.


  • Sora Sushi, Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zurich,

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