Takano City

Zurich, the 28th of  April 2016


This might seem familiar to you too. On your way to Zurich Main Station you pass by, what seems for the 300th time, a small Japanese restaurant with the sign Takano City, but you're still not sure what lies behind the fully decorated storefront of this centrally located establishment. 

We decided to check it out. So with an empty stomach we entered a just as empty restaurant, and we admit, our conclusions aren't so rosy. 




To celebrate our now over 100 Facebook Fans we decide to indulge in the following starters: 

  • Umeshu-Champagne (top right)
  • Gyoza (top left)
  • A variety of sushi (Rainbow Rolls, Tuna Nigiri Clam and Natto Maki)

For the main course we decided on something a little more hearty:

  • Gyudon (bottom left, for a home cooked version watch our Video )
  • Katsudon (bottom right, breaded pork cutlet on rice with egg) 

As we are enjoying a typical  "Salary-Man" meal, a Kirin beer rounds the whole meal off.


Original: Natto Maki - fermented Soya beans, a popular Japanese breakfast dish.
Original: Natto Maki - fermented Soya beans, a popular Japanese breakfast dish.

Taste Test


The Umeshu with Champagne and the lightly fried gyoza were an encouraging and appetising start to the meal. 


However, all the following dishes were disappointing: The Tuna Nigiri had a fibrous texture, the rainbow rolls were telltale laden with mayonnaise and the gooey rice was a far cry from anything resembling sushi rice. We have the suspicion that this was not the work of a Japanese cook. 


Takano City's menu is quite extensive: that's why we also decided to try the Natto Nigiri. Quite a challenging idea, as fermented Soya beans ("Natto") aren't for everyone. This is the first time we found this creative combination on a menu in Zurich, however the bulky rice overshadowed the small Natto filling in the middle of the roll almost completely. 



The main dishes were accompanied my a watered down Miso soup and fried shrimps. Whilst the Gyudon was unfortunately not fried enough and the sweetness was overbearing, the Katsudon wasn't half bad. We got the impression that fried dishes were more familiar to the cook as the rest. Both main courses left us feeling heavy for the rest of the evening. The main courses would have sufficed for the evening. 



That the Takano City is completely empty on a Thursday evening might not be a coincidence: a majority of the dishes were not convincing. You can find far better and fresher sushi elsewhere and the prices are more indicative of the rent at the Löwenstrasse than of the quality of the food. Nevertheless, for a quick afterwork beer with gyoza and a tad of people watching we might visit again. 



  • Takano City, Löwenstrasse 29, 8001 Zürich, http://takano.ch

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    Astrid (Mittwoch, 11 Mai 2016 16:07)

    Thanks for the article. I always wanted to try this place. Now I know that I should not go there with to high expectations!!!!