Yooji's Josefstrasse

Zurich,  6th December 2015

Yooji's in the Josefstrasse, Kreis 4, Zurich.



It's Sunday evening and you feel a sudden longing for sushi. It should be quick, unpretentious, anonymous and tasty. A good prequel for a trip to Yooji's on Josefstrasse. The dimly lit room in earthy tones, on the corner of a stone building is modern and cozy - a little oasis amids all the closed shops surrounding it. 

Ginger Tea, Yoojis, Josefstrasse, Zurich.


Like with all Yooji chains in Zurich, you have a choice between sitting at the Kaiten (sushi belt) or at a table. The one's who just want to have a quick bite will chose the first and find company with the other solo diners. This evening I am out alone and will be leaving a couple of little plates behind when I am done:

  • Chef’s Choice: Tekka Tsuke Donburi (incl. tuna, egg, spring onions)
  •  Chef’s Choice: Salmon Avocado Nigiri (incl. salmon, avocado, trout roe)
  •  Green Dragon Inside out (incl. avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, jalapeño)
  • Spicy Shrimp Inside out (incl. shrimps, avocado, chive)

To round off the dishes I have a ginger tea.


Taste Test

Top, left: Mekka Tsuke Donburi. right: Salmon Avocado Nigiri. 


The taste of the chosen dishes is impeccable, especially the Tekka Tsuke Donburi is a dream. The almost raw egg and the tuna combine splendidly. In terms of taste, the salmon steals the show. Both the "Chef's choices" cannot be found online. A nice surprise for the guests who've looked up the restaurant online before coming. The Inside-Out rolls are respectable. The Green Dragon and other seasonal creations (in January 2016 for example the Quinoa Tuna) don't really have much in common with traditional sushi, however, in my opinion, they are a welcome variation. As a positive surprise came the lemon grass tea, which ended up being pretty strong compared to what you'd expect from such a small tea bag. 


Below, left: Green Dragon Inside Out. Right: Spicy Shrimp Inside Out.



The biggest sushi-chain in town serves sushi in an uncomplicated and tasty fashion. Nothing high-end, but original and within one's budget, as well as friendly service and with it's numerous (6) branches easily reached from most places.



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