Zurich,  15th of March 2019

Chef cook at work: Yu-An guests have a direct line of sight into the restaurant's kitchen
Behind the scenes in the Yu-An kitchen


"Kokoro" is without a doubt one of our favourite restaurants in Zurich. Not only is it great value for money, it shines with its authenticity. That's why our expectations and the bar were set high gor "Yu-An", a further Izakaya style restaurant opened in 2017 by the creators of Kokoro. In 2019, Yu-An is listed in the local discount booklet "Essen gehn", which means, we are treating ourselves to a well deserved Friday night dinner for a fraction of the price. We are excited to find out what is hiding behind the ominous red door near Stauffacher. 



Similarly to Kokoro, Yu-An offers a set menu, with weekly changing specials. We treat ourselves to a little of both:

  • 1 bottle of sparkling sake sho chiku bai mio
  • Yu-An starter plate for 2 people, consisting of a carpaccio of scallops, Maguro (tuna) Tataki, Yu-An Roast Beef and ginger chicken
  • Spider-Roll with fried soft shell crabs, avocado, cucumber, tobiko (fish roe) and spicy mayo
  • Sauté St. Pierre Fish with champignons on a bed of spinach with thick and creamy 'Kinoko Ankake' Sauce - from the weekly menu

Warm tapas, hot stove dishes and Poké Bowls could also be found on the menu.

Taste test 


The sparkling sake was an ideal start to the weekend and filled a good 2 glasses per person. The starter plate was as good as it was beautifully presented: the ponzu gelée brought out the flavours of the scallops, the crisply decorated tuna strips were a dream and the roast beef, which was only slightly served with a yuzu-pepper-radish salad was exquisit. The red threads on the spiderrolls were slightly bothersome, however the smokey mayonnaise flavour lingers subtly on our taste buds. 

The unmatched star of the evening has to be the St. Pierre Fish: a combination of champignons, creamy sauce and a delicately fried fish is a pleasure for any palate. 



Yu-An has convinced us entirely. The fresh and original dishes as well as the varied menu means we will have to come again. The ambiance is slightly more sophisticated than Kokoro, and the interior, with its distinctly red furnishings distinguishes it from its sister restaurant near Langstrasse. We will definitely and gladly come again!


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