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02. Februar 2020
A Japanese Fondue experience in the Widder Hotel's exquisite ambiance. We'll tell you what to expect for 130 CHF per person.

2016 - EN · 26. Juli 2019
We like cooking as much as we like eating Japanese food. Here are some of our go-to cookbooks and recipe blogs when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

18. März 2018
Events all around Japanese Cuisine coming up in 2018

18. März 2018
THE foodilicious pop-up surprise in Kreis 5: Michael Adams skillfully combines lemony flavours from Peru with miso-sauce from Japan, sweet potatoes, raw or fried fish, pork belly, octopus and many more. We can't get enough!

Tanabata wishes
30. Juni 2017
On the 7th of July Tanabata is taking place! It's the day when the two lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi meet. As with every celebration in Japan, this is a great opportunity to sample various tasty snacks at the streetfood booths. What you will find there and how you can still your Matsuri-hunger even in Switzerland is what this article is all about.

05. Mai 2017
House Shizuku presented six sake specialities perfectly matched to the surprise menu of the evening. We hope to find such fine bottles on more Swiss wine menus in the future.

08. Februar 2017
We all hope you've had a great start to 2017 and are ready to discover even more about the Japanese Food Culture. This year is also set to be full of events all around our favourite topic. So here is a list of the upcoming events in your area - time to take out your agendas!

2016 - EN · 31. Mai 2016
When the weather turns from summer sunshine to gray and cold for the week-end, you might get the urge to stay home, order in and see what’s on Netflix. We know the feeling all to well and have put together the best program for your evening ! Lately, there have been some amazing movies and documentaries made around Japanese cuisine and their hidden masters who devote their lives to their art. Here are our 3 top picks:

2016 - EN · 25. April 2016
This was already the fourth edition of the Japan Matsuri hosted at the Espocentro in Bellinzona. This was our first time visiting, but it most definitely won't be our last. A multiplicity of Japan related activities as well as a pleasant crowd, without the usual overcrowding which can occur at other events of this sort, make it a unique event in Switzerland. If you're still debating if you should travel to Ticino for next year's festival ? We'd have some great arguments why you definitely...

2016 - EN · 15. März 2016
Intro Zurich has just been made more interesting with yet another culinary pop up event - but not just any pop up event. At the "Sushi & Sake - the taste of Japan" exquisite cuisine is paired with an exclusive atmosphere and friendly service in the Widder Hotel's pop up garden, charmingly decorated by Jelmoli. For those who want to treat themselves to something special should absolutely make a detour at Rennweg 7 until the 19th of March - as the ephemeral location will then have its last...

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